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Cement Mix (or C-Mix) is a blend of 50/50 washed concrete sand and crushed rock. We offer both 3/8” and ½” size rock mixed with sand. Whether you are pouring a foundation or doing some hardscaping, you need the right mix of concrete powder. For a high quality results, choose Hoyt 3/8” or 1/2″ Concrete Mix!

The 3/8” is great for smaller jobs and masonry work as it mixes easily. The 1/2’” is a stronger product and used for footings, slabs and drive areas. Thousands of satisfied homeowners and contractors have used this product for mixing their own concrete.

Aggregate Products pea-gravel


This material is a multi-purpose, affordable aggregate that is mainly used as a construction rock, a base, or a ground cover rock. It does well covering large areas and it is mainly tan in color and has some grey in it. Pathways and driveways done in pea gravel are very easy to walk on.

For this reason, it is additionally ideal for the ground cover of a dog run and other petscaping. Our Crushed rock is both contractor and homeowner approved!

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Inexpensive and versatile. Our hard blue granite has been used for driveways, roadways, backfill, base, drainage; for septic lines or as a base for septic tanks, and is ideal for ground cover. Loose crushed rock provides excellent drainage while creating a unique design composition that saves water.

For a low cost product that provides longevity and drought friendly solutions, you’ll want Hoyt’s 3/4″ Crushed Rock!

Aggregate Products pea-gravel


Whether you’re doing masonry work, whipping up a concrete mix, plastering, stucco work, or looking for a base to artificial turf and pavers, you’ll find our tan washed sand is the thing for the job! Our washed sand is perfect for construction and a variety of other uses, including recreational. Some homeowners like to use it for inexpensive playground areas, volleyball courts, and horseshoe pits.

A 2MM PLAYSAND is also available upon request. Please inquire about your custom sand needs and we’ll help you build your order!

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Decomposed Granite is a well loved compaction material. Homeowners and contractors use this product for natural looking pathways, ground cover, and is a popular base for pavers and artificial turf, horse properties and petscaping, driveways and planters. Our 3/8” minus DG provides a natural, earthy look and is available in gold. Looking for a maintenance solution to prolonged drought or a desert landscape? Let’s replace your front lawn with the green, sustainable alternative to lawn- Decomposed Granite! To complete the look, we recommend succulent plants and other drought resistant plants.

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Our Base is a mix of 3/4” rock and clean dirt. It is perfect for compaction of all kinds! This aggregate based mix can be used for road repair, base for pavers and artificial turf, and base for pre-concrete or asphalt pour.

Concrete, paver and turf contractors like this product as a base material for their projects. These include foundations, pathways, patios, and driveways to name a few.

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Whether you’re a home owner looking to change the grade or elevation of your property, or a general contractor who needs approved trench back fill, our fill material will meet all your needs! A clean soil mixed with Decomposed Granite (DG), acting as both a fill and base- this is our fill material and your inexpensive option to full up low areas in your yard or to use as a base material on your foundation and a variety of other projects!

Fill sand is also available upon request. But please do inquire as we do not always have it in stock.

Samples of our products are available free of charge!

Come on down and we’ll provide you with sample bags from our aggregate products, decorative rock, soil and sand, fill and base material, and mulches with product pricing. For large projects and contractors, we offer free bids and measurements (Projects must exceed 20 yards).

It’s our goal to be make ourselves accessible to our customers as well as provide them with the highest quality products on the market for an affordable price! So test out our goods, as we’re good for it.

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